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Featured Products

Alcohol Craving Support

This supplement provides long-time drinkers the nutrients they need to function optimally without alcohol. Get key vitamins, extracts and amino acids to support your recovery.

Serving Size: 3 Capsules / Day

Bad Breath Support

This supplement works to combat bad breath, and provides you with many essential ingredients to support optimal oral health. Promote clean, fresh breath with this unique formula.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules / Day

What People Are Saying About Us  

"Your products are what I've been looking for. I never understood that vitamins could do so much. My daughter went ahead and got me Vitaganic for [Blood Pressure Control and Cholesterol Control]. I have to say they are giving me a new appreciation for vitamins. Great product!"-- Simon L-Kansas

"Thank you very much for your [Inner Ear Support] herbs; they have helped me out very much. Taking any other herb or pills from the doctors did not help me out. Nothing has really helped 'till I found Vitaganic. I am happy that I have my life back and that I can get around and at least have a life."-- Jodie Wood, Florida

"I am happy with my personal vitamins. I read [on your website] that each person is different and your formula can be made for each person. I gave your company a call and explained the medications I take and your health service person provided me with my personal vitamin, just for me."-- Donna H-Connecticut

Why Custom Made

  • Discover how... We make it easy. No more opening 5 bottles & taking 7 different vitamins every day.
  • Find out how... You can avoid vitamin overdose and medication-vitamin interactions with our system.
  • Did you know... Most vitamin capsules are made from animal by-products, while ours are 100% vegetarian?
  • Discover a formula to address all your health concerns in 1 dosage, 1 bottle and with a single expiration date.

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