Our CARE Principles

At Vitaganic, we strive to do everything with C.A.R.E. What do we mean by C.A.R.E.?

We do everything with CARE to ensure everything is conducted in accordance with Commitment, Accuracy, Relevancy and Excellency. We practice our C.A.R.E principles in all phases of our business, including: Customer Service, Formulation, and Quality Manufacturing. We take the utmost pride in our work, in that we all know that we can provide each and every customer with exactly what they need, no more, no less, and we do so with Excellency.

Customer Service with C.A.R.E.

At the heart of every business is you, our customer. We believe in providing all of our customers, potential customers, or anyone else seeking our attention, a level of service in accordance with our CARE principles.

Commitment – We believe in fulfilling an unspoken commitment with each of our customers. Our commitment is best seen in our goal of providing each and every person information, service, and satisfaction as best and as fast as we can.

Accuracy – We believe in providing you with service that is custom tailored to you. All of the formulas that are saved in our database, three hundred thousand and counting, account information, or any other information you may need can be accessed in a matter of seconds in order to best assist you.

Relevancy – Relevancy is of the most importance to all of our customer service representatives. Our staff consists of an array of professional disciplines, including doctors, nurses, and nutritionists ready to try our best to assist you, and to help create a formula that will best suit your specific needs.

Excellency –We believe in conduction ourselves with Excellency at all times. when you think of Vitaganic.com you should only feel a sense of ease and relaxation.

To maintain our customer support with CARE, we give our customers a number of different channels to contact us. Whether it be our Live Chat system or our toll free hotline, we guarantee a timely response in order to help you out as best and as fast as we can.

You can call us toll free at 1-866-585-1390. You can always email us at info@vitaganic.com and be guaranteed a response within a single business day.

Formulation with C.A.R.E

Commitment – Vitaganic's Interactive Expert Formulator (IEF) is built strictly on the base of our advance integrated technology that comprises the accurate, relevant of active health-promoting ingredients in its formula for the intended use.

Commitment to provide our customers with a nutritional supplement exclusively for themselves, Vitaganic's Formulation Tool commitment includes:

  • A commitment to providing an easy-to-use, interactive formulation tool in assessing customer's health concerns.
  • A commitment to formulating condition-specific formula based on scientific analysis, an evidence-based approach. The Vitaganic's team critically evaluates the safety and efficiency of the formulated ingredients in accordance with: accuracy, relevance, validity, and consistency.
  • A commitment to delivering an excellent formula to each customer: Because everyone is Unique!

Accuracy – Our IEF tool uses precise accuracy in regards to creating your personalized nutritional supplement.

Because everyone is unique – it is our core value to provide you with a wide scope range of assessment in creating your own exclusive nutritional supplement. Vitaganic's formulation tool guides you step by step from evaluating your current health conditions to the final step of creating your accurate, relevant, and personalized health-supporting supplement.

The Drug - Interaction Checker feature allows you to enter all of your conventional drugs to generate a interaction report. Our IEF also includes ingredients into your supplements that your current medications are depleting your body of.

Relevancy – IEF focuses on giving you the most-relevant nutritional supplement whether you select one or multiple health concerns. We only use the most-relevant nutrients that have been clinically proven to be effective for there individual intended use. Our Nutrition team conducts scientific analysis when formulating condition-specific formulas. We investigate and review current science and nutritional studies exhaustively. Each ingredient's effectiveness must be supported by all the following:

  1. FDA, Health Canada or similar organizations with rigorous approval processes.
  2. Evidence from multiple randomized clinical trials (>2) with several hundreds to several thousands of patients.
  3. Studies have a low risk of bias and high validity.
  4. Evidence consistently shows positive outcomes for a given indication without valid evidence to the contrary.

Thus, Vitaganic's condition specific formula is a proprietary blend of the most scientific-based, clinically proven result-oriented nutrients into one formula.

Excellency – The excellency of our formulation process allows us to ensure that each ingredient is assessed at a molecular level for synergy, safety and effectiveness. This is a crucial step in ensuring a safe, effective and most-relevant supplement.

Quality Manufacturing with C.A.R.E.

Commitment – We are committed to producing the highest quality custom-made nutritional supplement possible, our quality manufacturing commitment includes:

  • A commitment to using only food grade materials, such as equipment construction and lubricants.
  • A commitment to selecting only the most-effective health-promoting properties & pharmaceutical grade ingredients from the Vendor Qualification Program.
  • A commitment to following all policies and principles as outlined by the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • A commitment to producing the highest quality, maximum potency, and most pure custom-made nutritional supplements possible.
  • A commitment to provide accurate supplement facts and give full disclosure of ingredients to customers.
  • A commitment to never ship any product that does not meet our specifications.

Accuracy – Our accuracy can be traced back to the fact that Vitaganic provides customers with the most up to date and scientifically backed information possible. We adhere to strict guidelines in substantiating that our supplement fact panels are complete, accurate and free of misleading facts. Each label is carefully examined to confirm that all potencies, standardizations, serving sizes and daily values have been represented accurately and truthfully.

We extend our Accuracy principles by providing customers full disclosure of all ingredients. We explicitly state the presence of additional ingredients, such as binders and fillers in each capsule. Although we are committed to using natural ingredients at all measures, we still feel that this information is highly useful for our customers.

Relevancy – Although every product is made-on-demand and freshness is guaranteed, we still strictly enforce a 1 year relevant shelf-life policy. We ensure that every product maintains its potency and label claim by the "best by" date. When determining the end product's relevant "best-by-date," our Quality Department team uses vendor-provided historical data, and conducts exhaustive in-house evaluations on each ingredient's physical and chemical properties. Since many factors contribute to product deterioration, our manufacturing facility adopts production process that minimizes any type of bacterial contamination, oxidation, and excess moisture. Products are manufactured in a dust-free, air-conditioned, dehumidified environment. To further maintain the integrity of the "best by" date, Vitaganic uses environment-friendly packaging specifically designed to maintain product's maximum potency.

We adopt adding an overage for each end-product to ensure full potency during its shelf-life. Adding an overage is a formulation technique in which the quantity of the ingredient exceeds what is needed to meet its potency by the end of shelf life. For example, 1000 mg of Vitamin C has shown to lose its potency by 10% during the recommended shelf-life. Vitaganic adjusts its vitamin C formula to 1100 mg, thus vitamin C will retain its 1000 mg potency by its "best by" date.

Excellency – Our Excellency is consistent through out our entire manufacturing process. Continuous improvement programs are part of our philosophy - especially on the factory floor, where systems to enhance quality and efficiency ensure that the customer, is always guaranteed a premium, reliable product.

Personnel at all levels and in all roles are expected to fulfill this vision of Quality Manufacturing Excellence in their daily activities. Quality is a competitive advantage, and is the catalyst for continuous improvement within Vitaganic.